Hello and welcome to this blog.  Being a female is and always has been difficult.  One of the most difficult issues, if not the most difficult issue, facing women from time immemorial is the female body.  What do we make of it on a daily basis?  How do we handle illness or peculiarities in our feminine parts (i. e., those parts of the body which men typically do not possess)?  Many women learn in time how to handle the various blessings and curses that are unique to female bodies.  But what are young women doing to cope with and understand their bodies?

This blog will focus on common (and some not-so-common) questions that women (and girls!) ask about gynecology and obstetrics.  I invite all readers to please join in–we each have a unique and educative perspective on this topic, even men!  So, if you’ve ever had a question about the female body (“Why is my period late/early?” “What diseases should a young woman worry about?” “Am I pregnant?”  “What is wrong with my fill-in-the-blank?”), please continue to read and contribute.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical professional, though I am working towards a master’s degree in medical ethics.  So I can bring a reasonable expertise to questions of ethics in medicine.  Persons reading and posting here may or may not be medical professionals.  In any event, I implore readers to take in the topics discussed here as simply talking points, not medical advice or diagnosis.

Also, I should caution that we will be discussing matters that may be too graphic for readers with delicate sensibilities.  We will also probably hit on socially and morally sensitive issues such as abortion and contraception.  If you disagree with the opinions stated in this blog or in comments, please retain a sense of poise if you choose to reply.  We are all entitled to our own opinions whether everyone agrees with them.  I promise to respect all opinions brought forth if the opinions brought forth equally respect my opinions and the opinions of others.

Thank you and I hope you will enjoy reading and learn something in the process!